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About Us

At our core...we are dreamers and makers. Our leadership team is built from a rare blend of highly technical designers, engineers, visual artists, hands on operators, and gifted manufacturing experts. We know how to imagine "wow." Its our favorite thing. But then we engineer it, and make it for a fair price…on time.


The company is headquartered in a small creative community in North Central Arkansas where we operate 100,000 square feet of manufacturing space, as we have since 1979. Our folks choose to live a simple life immersed in the natural beauty of the Ozark mountains, rivers and forests. Thats who we are. 


We are innovators who also believe in the benefits of art, and our job is to extend those possibilities to the rest of the world. The company always produced functional art in metal, wood, and glass and was literally pulled into larger lighted art projects for public spaces purely because the universe of capable, full range providers is almost non-existent. It’s why we thrive.


Our manufacturing in the US is devoted predominately to metal, wood, glass and assembly. Our expert makers range from gifted artisan blacksmiths who are world class metal magicians, to machine operators who use the largest, most sophisticated CNC Free-Form tube bender in North America, to create otherwise impossible art shapes. We have large scale finishing operations, a machine shop, assembly space and picnic tables under the big oak tree for lunch.


We would prefer that all components be made in the US. And where reasonable, we will always try to do so. Unfortunately, it isn't always possible due to lack of US manufacturing, or pricing constraints in some categories. So many companies try to hide foreign sourcing but we choose full disclosure. Certain components, electronic systems and LED’s and even fabricated parts are sourced finternationally. We could not in good conscience incorporate these items into a project without a full time operation in-country to vet suppliers and manage quality and schedule. We have excellent relations with devoted suppliers who have been hand picked by senior leadership. Every foreign sourced item is tested and validated prior to production. And most items produces are our own proprietary designs. When and if sourcing options change, we will always choose to manufacture domestically.

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