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At UrbanFX, we have a very big toolbox full of design, technology, software, and manufacturing resources. These – paired with a passion for service and innovation – help us do our job really well. And when we do our job well, your job is easy.

design & fabrication

With 100,000 square feet of domestic manufacturing space, we design and produce custom art forms from metal, wood, plastics...almost any medium imaginable. Many of the art forms, sculptures or displays we make are designed to be integrated with custom LED lighting. We fabricate metal, bend tubing, melt glass, form copper, mold plastic, cast metal, machine aluminum, make lamps, stuff PCBs, apply special coatings...the list is endless. UFX has the capacity for smaller batches or high volume runs depending on the project needs. 


LED lighting technology is changing rapidly. LED's provide 16 million color possibilities, with the ability to receive color, intensity and transition commands 40 times per second.


We design and manufacture custom made LED lighting, both color controlled or static, with custom form factors when needed for illuminating art shapes or spaces. Our lighting can be designed to integrate into any environment to achieve the perfect ambiance, day or night. 


The power of LED lighting must be understood and then harnessed. We design and manufacture custom or proprietary RGB(W) controllers which unlock the full potential of LED lighting. From simple on-off switching, to masterful choreographic movements. We can control stand-alone lighting clusters, and large networked choreographic displays. We have a team of resourceful and creative engineers that can do just about anything. For larger, more complex displays requiring a choreography covering larger areas, we also provide or build affordable network control solutions which are reliable, practical, and fitted to the application. This type of network setup provides central command and control, remote access, remote maintenance, and robust monitoring and executional options.


We offer customized choreographies to create beautiful, immersive and compelling public environments. Our aim is to create buzz and generate traffic. Smaller choreographies may reside locally...inside a dedicated controller which executes a lighting display for a single art piece. Or, more complex choreographies may be developed to control a group of networked art displays for a larger coordinated choreographic show.

music streaming

UrbanFX also has the ability to design and produce fully functional custom mobile applications for launch on iOS an Android platforms, designed to receive a universal custom audio stream. The production required to record and mix a custom audio stream is all done in house. This will lend the ability to broadcast across massive cellular networks and allow users to experience the same content, simultaneously through car audio, headphones, or external speak systems.

In a Meeting

We can help you develop manufacturable, innovative product solutions in almost every area of design and manufacture. We're  innovative, resourceful, cost conscious and easy to work with.


We will help you refine your ideas, or create concepts for you. And we will break it down so that you can sell it to your stakeholders.

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