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It's All About Control


UrbanFX develops custom and standard lighting and network control systems for operating pedestrian lighting, artful choreographic lighting displays, RGB flood lamps, and individually controllable pixel lamps. Our client needed a network controlled choreography for almost 2 miles of pedestrian lighting and art form lighting, all controlled from a single location. The lighting network would be choreographed with seasonally appropriate color displays as required.  All of the lighting was RGB or RGBW with two distinct control data languages including DMX. Most of the off-the-shelf, commercially available control systems were cost prohibitive.



We designed and built a robust controller which did everything required by our client, plus more, for a fraction of the cost. We eliminated unnecessary features and components, and added test diagnostics, data interruption back up redundancies, and circuit protections which made our system lower cost, simpler, smaller and more robust with fewer fail points. We understood that off the shelf control systems are high cost because they often will try to be a one-size-fits-all solution, that sinks a lot of complexity, cost and risk into universal solution. Its like buying a car for a short urban commute in southern California, equipped with four-wheel-drive and a snow plow…just in case.

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