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We create artful environments where people gather to be inspired by color, movement, and shape.

design & fabrication

We will design and fabricate in just about any medium. Whether it's a one-off or a volume run, we can handle it.

led light design & production 

Custom PCB's, LED configurations, housings, and much more. We're the ultimate LED solution

led control systems design

Innovative DMX and Pixel control systems for unique situations. We can design to suit your needs.

 audio streaming

Full service mobile app production with audio streaming. Pair it to a light show, or just stream content.

light & music composition

We'll choreograph a light and music show for your event or environment that will be epic.

five core strengths



Our leadership team is our greatest strength.

It's built from a rare blend of highly technical designers, engineers, visual artists, hands on operators, and gifted manufacturing experts.


We know how to imagine it, make it beautiful, design it, and make it for a fair price, delivered on time.

We're nimble, and most of the time, simply out-work and out-innovate the competition.

custom design & fabrication


We take on art projects to help our clients transform the environment in places where people gather. We operate 100,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space filled with artisan makers and designers who work with steel, copper, zinc, glass, and wood. We have large scale finishing operations too.

We dream it first and then we make it. We design and produce custom art forms from metal, wood, plastics - almost any medium imaginable. Many of the art forms, sculptures or displays we make are designed to be integrated with custom LED lighting.


We fabricate metal, bend tubing, melt glass, form copper, mold plastic, cast metal, machine aluminum, make lamps, stuff PCBs, apply special coatings...the list is endless. UFX has the capacity for smaller batches or high volume runs depending on the project needs. 

  • metal fabrication
  • wood production
  • glass forming
  • plastic forming
  • upholstery
  • 3d free form tube bending
  • cnc machining
  • 3d printing
  • Rapid prototyping
  • powder coating
  • electro plating
  • cad modeling
  • engineering studies

led light design & manufacturing

LED Lights

LED lighting technology is changing rapidly. LED's provide 16 million color possibilities, with the ability to receive color, intensity and transition commands 40 times per second.


We design and manufacture custom made LED lighting, both color controlled or static, with custom form factors when needed for illuminating art shapes or spaces.

One of our most unique abilities with LED lighting is Optical Efficiency (OE). This is achieved through a proprietary measurement process used to produce refractory lensing that will direct luminance in the most efficient way possible.


Our lighting can be designed to integrate into any environment to achieve the perfect ambiance, day or night. 

  • custom pcb design
  • injection molding
  • machining
  • chip design & coding
  • custom housings
  • floods, pixels, tape formats
  • ray tracing
  • optical efficiency
  • custom connectors

led control systems

LED Control Systems
Control Board.jpg

The power of LED lighting must be understood and then harnessed. We design and manufacture custom or proprietary RGB(W) controllers which unlock the full potential of LED lighting.


From simple on-off switching, to masterful choreographed movements, we can design, spec, and build a control system specific to your needs. We can control stand-alone lighting clusters or large networked choreographic displays that may stretch across long distances. Whether it's a utilitarian installation that serves a standalone purpose or a magical color and light show, we can help you design and implement the best solution for your space.  


We have a team of resourceful and creative engineers that can do just about anything. We're constantly striving for the next advancement in LED control systems. 

  • custom pcb design
  • Network design and implementation
  • complete hardware packages
  • custom enclosures
  • custom connectors
  • Software interface
  • wireless control technology

Cellular audio streaming

Cellular Audio Streaming

The marriage of light, color, and sound can be a stunning combination. Sometimes, there is a need to give specific users their own experience when pairing audio and a light show. Or when there is a need to broadcast an audio event to hundreds of thousands of people through their the same time.

UFX has the capability to develop a custom iOS and Android application that allows an audio production to be streamed over cellular networks and paired with a light show or event. This allows each user to listen and enjoy the sound at their own volume and in their own world.

Apps can also include useful data about localized weather, events, and attractions, all while being packaged in an interface user experience designed with excellence. 

  • custom app development
  • creative content development
  • professional recording and audio production
  • DJ style voiceover production
  • Light and music composition

light & music composition

Light & Music Composition

Imagine being immersed into an experience filled with lights dancing to music. Color and sound moving and blending in such a way that transforms the environment into magic. It's art.

Certainly static color lighting is a part of what we do. But if you have an environment that demands lighting at the next level, our team of choreographic gurus can deliver. We consult with the creative stakeholders to imagine movement, timing, color, and stylistic desires to compose a light show that will be stunning.

We write the choreography and can deliver a creative solution or exactly what you specify. Regardless, we don't settle for ordinary when it comes to putting on a show. We aim to impress and make your environment spawn experiences and memories that will last forever.

  • light show design & choreography
  • synchronization to audio
  • creative consultation services
  • Light and music composition

About UFX

At UFX we help our clients create beautiful environments in places where people gather by utilizing five core competencies: fabrication, LED lighting, control systems, audio streaming app development, and choreography. Each of these strengths bring a standalone service to the table. However, they can also be seamlessly integrated with each other to deliver a full-stack service to our clients that will allow us to start with an idea and deliver a finished vision. We can design and make it, light it, control it, add music to it, and turn it into a spectacular choreographed show. Or, we can just build it and light it. Or take your existing infrastructure and add music and a show. Whatever your needs may be, we can orchestrate a perfect book-ended solution for you. And it really doesn't matter what your project or environment is comprised of. If you have a dream and a budget - regardless of size - we can work with you.


We design and manufacture art objects from metal, wood, glass and polymers, and we make complimentary or integrated lighting for the art. With a growing portfolio of proprietary LED lighting and lighting control products, and an endless range of custom possibilities, we always find great solutions. While that might sound expensive, we almost never lose opportunities because of pricing. Rather, our approach is to engineer clever ways to save money for our clients. MORE for LESS.


You are in the right place, because UFX is a hard to find resource. We know from experience that there aren't many companies, capable and willing to handle complex turnkey projects. This is our sweet spot. Our team of experienced, world class pros have a broad range, are fast and nimble, super creative, and fun to work with. We think that matters too, in fact, in a world of no, we're often times a refreshing yes!


We'll bring a creative perspective that will surely surprise you. Innovation that will add value and reduce your costs. We consider every detail so that you are delivered a project that isn't just within your budget now, but is engineered to be easily maintainable and affordable for years to come. Our passion and our goal is to deliver beautifully lighted, artful environments for downtowns, parks, shopping venues and almost any space where people gather to be inspired by the tasteful blending of color and shape. Whether it's a custom lighted holiday ornament for your pedestrian lamps, or color-washing architectural elements at night, or something the world has never seen, we know this: we can provide a solution that may just exceed your imagination, at a lower cost.


The list of product mediums and manufacturing resources at our disposal are endless...meaning that very few ideas are off limits. So, if you have a crazy dream, let’s light it up. We can start with your idea, or innovate one for you. And then, if you are satisfied with the plan, we will be happy to produce it for you as well.

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We Solve Problems

Every great work has challenges. Challenges require solutions. Some solutions are easy, but some are stubborn and require a nice little invention to do the trick. Here are a few of our favorites. 

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