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Every project is different
This is how your relationship with UrbanFX might happen

1. discover


First you will find us online, hear some buzz in the industry, or see our branded product in a large urban setting or a small town somewhere. 

2. contact


When you dial our HQ at 888-225-5312 you'll be greeted by a friendly person who can direct your call or set a teleconference meeting time for 30 minutes or so to gather some information and share what we do. Our objective is to determine if we can be a great resource. Doesn’t cost a lot to explore.

 3. ufx


If the project fit looks promising, we will take a little time to brainstorm with our team to determine if we can help. If we can then we will reconnect via video conference, at our place, or maybe at yours. If it looks like we cant meet your needs, we will do our best to pass along anything we know that will help.

4. prelim


After our internal brainstorming session, we will have ideas and questions. The project will likely require more time together which might mean travel on our part. If so we will provide reasonable rates for initial consults. This is not a large profit center for us. We best earn our keep when developing and making solutions. But, understandably, we try to recoup our costs, and we want to know our client is as committed as we are.

5. proposal

We will gather the project parameters, whether just a few, or many…doesn’t matter…and bring a proposal with options where possible, with cost ranges, estimates or targets. We will also provide costs for producing a prototype, or first article.

6. meet your


If the exploratory part of the project is a "go", we will assign a project manager internally who is perfect for the task. At this point, more than likely that person will not be a new name to you. Then, we will build the first article for review. A first article provides proof-of-concept to validate the design. It also allows the team to experience the look and the functionality. For our purposes, it will validate the manufacturability, hi- light challenges, and shed light on cost.

7. first article

We will review the first article(s) with you, along with timeline, production and tooling cost estimates. After capturing the appropriate modifications (which almost always occur when we see the article for the first time) we will re-cost the project, estimate a time-line for various development and production milestones.

8. payments

When/if you approve the project, and we are fortunate enough to earn the business, we will ask for a deposit to begin work. This is typically 50% but can vary depending on our upfront costs, such as tooling or heavy material purchases, etc.


Typically we will also need a milestone payment at or around 75% of project completion, and final payment upon completion.

9. training & faq's

As appropriate, we will provide training options, trouble shooting manuals, phone access, warranties, choreographic services, replacement components, and a host of other contracted elements.


During the project we will provide just the right amount of communication in an orderly way. If you feel that there is an unresolved issue, you will know exactly who to contact.

10. happily ever after

You are so thrilled with the results of the project that you tell others, provide us with a testimonial and invite UFX back to look a the next big idea!

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