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Pedestrian Glare Reduction


We were installing almost three hundred large, ground-mounted, 240 watt LED/RGB flood lamps designed to illuminate 20’ tall art pieces. The powerful beam from these high intensity floods is pointed straight up.


The difficulty is that they were installing in high-traffic pedestrian walkways in a large urban setting, and the light-source was intense, uncomfortable to look at, and distracted from the art forms. We needed to block the glare.


We needed to engineer an attractive metal louvered grate designed to allow pedestrian traffic close access (5 feet) from the art form, without catching the full glare of the LED light source. However, we could not allow the grate to cast shadows on the art.



We mirrored the light beam angles with a custom louver grid assembly. We splayed every element of the louver to interrupt the light beam only with the thickness of each uniquely angled louver section. We made the depth of the louver assembly deep enough to reduce visibility to the light source at 5 feet of standing separation. We laser cut each unique component. Then they were powder coated white for reflectivity before assembling the pieces together.


The assembly was an interlocking slotted tray system. The pieces slid together and were then locked in place with a custom injection molded insert at 50 intersections in the louver assembly. The beautifully designed louver comes alive with reflected light from the choreographed flood lamp below. It is an art piece by itself, and it solved the problem of pedestrian glare, and produced no shadowing.

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